Things to know about the golden teacher mushroom-

Magic mushrooms are also known as psilocybin Cubensis and it is considered the most popular mushrooms species available in the market. However, psilocin and psilocybin are mostly found compounds in magic mushrooms variants and it is highly beneficial for the human body. Furthermore, three other compounds are present in magic mushrooms species such as conocybe, penaeolus, and psilocybe. Additionally, mushrooms are available in different varieties such as the golden teacher strain which is famous among adults and has many health benefits.

Many countries legally ale golden teacher mushrooms and it is widely distributed. This species of mushrooms is cultivated in Central America, Southeast Asia, and the Australian region. Customers can easily buy golden teacher mushrooms from an online sale and physical medical dispensary. This strain is available in the market. Also, it is popular among mushrooms lovers.

What is the Golden Teacher mushroom?

Golden teacher mushroom is a kind of magic mushroom strain and it is grown from psilocybe cubensis. It is also known as GT shroom. This strain of mushroom wad was found in early 1980. This mushroom is a top choice for many people. The golden teacher mushroom is remarkable for its elegant look. This strain has a golden cap with specks of yellow. GT mushroom comes in distinct color and has larger stems and caps when compared to other species of shroom strain.

This species of golden teacher mushroom is available in capsize ranging between 20 to 80 mm in diameter. This mushroom strain has a fruity body that is unique in appearance and covered with a cap with yellow or golden color. However, the color of the cap will become dull until the shroom becomes mature and it turns into gray or almost black color. This magic shroom strain grows with the main elements psilocin and psilocybin.

 The golden teacher magic mushroom is grown on the farm and even in-home settings. It is well-known species of psilocybin mushroom.

History of Golden Teacher mushroom

Many research proofs that the golden teacher mushroom was first found in Florida and it appeared in the mid-1980s. This shroom species is mainly known for an upper golden cap with yellow speckles over it. In comparison to other strains of magic mushroom varieties, the golden teacher magic mushroom often seems large and unique in its appearance. The entire golden shroom is look like golden and yellowish color which disappears when it starts to set in maturity.

Effects after consuming Golden Teacher

This mushroom strain comes with mild and low potency levels, which are the main reasons why people buy it most. However, this is the ideal deal for shroom lovers. Also, it is beneficial for those who want to consume shrooms for the first time. This strain is the perfect option for the beginner who wants to experience shroom for the first time. However, this shroom is available with milder effects which are good for health. If you want to experience psychedelic effects, then you should try once this strain.

The effects of the golden teacher mushroom will remain lasts for long hours. This strain offers strong effects, and experience to the user. It is quite popular to offer spiritual and peaceful experiences. This strain offers a unique experience. Also, the golden cap offers a rare shroom feeling after its consumption. Users must consume proper dosage to get its full benefits and take dosage according to their specific requirement. This shroom provides various health benefits and there is no any kind of hallucinogen effects, also user can take micro-dosage of golden teacher mushroom.

Benefits of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms-

The golden teacher shroom has strong psychedelic effects. The user will get various health benefits of magical mushroom and has significant benefits. The GT shroom has mental and physical health benefits.

Some of the major benefits of golden teacher mushroom

•          Enhanced personal and mental growth

•          Decrease the effects of stress, and mood disorder

•          Improves brain function

•          Helps to the management of addictive behaviors

•          Improve mood, and behavior of individual

•          Enhanced body functioning

These are the few benefits of golden teacher mushrooms. Many studies prove that the GT shroom is helpful to cure anxiety and mood swings disorder. Also helps to cure severe clinical depression, OCD, PTSD. However, this shroom strain is a good choice for people who are suffering from any kind of mental health disorder.

Recommendation of dosage-

The proper dosage of golden teacher shroom is varying as per the user requirement. However, users must consume shroom items as per their requirement and preference, and body weight. It is because each user required different results and it can be mild, moderate, light, and intense. Furthermore, always try to count the psilocybin level as per the recommendation. To get the appropriate results user should take recommendations from their health experts.

For newbies, mild and a microdose of shroom are ideal. It may range from 0.25 grams – 2 grams of dried mushrooms. However, if the user is not a newbie, they can consume dosage ranges between 2 – 5 grams and which may produce results of intense psychedelic and euphoric effects. Also, the dosage will depend upon the body composition and metabolism. Sometimes a high dosage of shroom will produce mystical and hallucinogenic effects. Make sure to get the desired results you should take the mild dosage of golden teacher mushrooms.

Always try to consume the recommended dosage to get the proper results. If you are going to experience golden teacher mushrooms for the first time, then try to consume a lower dosage of golden teacher mushrooms. However, to get safer results one should consume minimum dosages of GT shrooms.


Golden teacher magic mushroom is available in various edibles products. Users can buy golden teacher items from a reliable online dispensary and physical stores too as per their convenience. The GT shroom is available in different forms such as gummies, chocolates, cookies, psilocybin tincture, and other micro-dosing products. However, many online dispensaries offer a discount on purchasing shroom items in bulk quantity or when users log in for the first time on their websites.

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