Top 10 Best Water Bottle Design Ideas

In this glittery yet organized corporate world, we often fall for the things that we think make us look unique, and stand out from the crowd. We try to influence this thought in every little aspect of our lives, even in water bottles. To address the growing demand of people, many companies compete to capitalize on this business model, that is, selling water bottles.

To determine the sale of any products we always need to focus on numerous factors of the product. In the case of water bottles, we need to focus on a few aspects that affect the market of the product.

The shape of the product is one of those determining factors. Unique shape anddesign attract customers. It acts as the most dominating element in a water bottle because people like to own unique things and display them to the world.

So, to catch the eye of the customers, a unique but elegant design can be a plus point. We need to focus on various water bottle design ideas.

The shape is the exterior factor which is only for the eye, but determining the qualities that will affect the consumers is a more important aspect in this business. Water is one of the most essential things in human life. So maintaining the quality of the product that holds it, and will be used for a long period will increase the demand for them. Factors like materials to be used in making the product, is it high-graded plastic? Or is it custom-designed glass?

Glass designs may sound vulnerable for daily use but are shown to be less harmful than plastic bottles. Custom glass making can help you design your water bottle as per the requirement. It is also less harmful to the environment.

Many designs can be useful to increase your product demand in the market, some of these outstanding demands are introduced below.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

There is a growing awareness of people around the world about the effects of human activities on the environment. One of the cruelest elements that have affected it is plastic. The product that introduces most plastic elements to the world, is water bottles.

Making a water bottle with eco-friendly materials is a demand for most of the aware customers. It will also highlight the company’s responsible outlook on the safe-keeping of the environment.

Summer Water Bottle

The Season, when we need the water most, is in the time of summer. The heat waves dehydrate us and even if we carry water with us, it boils the water inside our bottles. To defy this natural ‘calamity’ in our day-to-day lives, anti-heat water bottles have been introduced.

These water bottles can keep the water cool, irrespective of the environment outside, thanks to the design and inclusion of gel packs and insulation.

Graphic Water Bottles

Water bottles are used by everyone, but the sale of water bottles has been widely seen for certain groups in society, mostly for the school-going little humans. Kids are curious beings, they can’t be easily fooled.

As we have seen, design is the major factor when selling a water bottle, mixing it according to the likes of the kids, can boost the sale of the product. That’s where the graphic water bottle comes in. These water bottles have fun designs and animations in its body that attracts the likes of certain age groups.

Fitness Inspired Water Bottles

In this world, where everybody is wanting to be a fitness freak, a bottle that can help them achieve their daily goals while hydrating them after a wholesome workout is a safe and profitable bet.

Pepsi once tried this business model when it designed a bottle in the shape of dumbbells. This is just an example of a unique idea where you can take inspiration from a huge profit-making company.

Filtering Water Bottles

Clean and pure water is all a thirsty person wants. This type of filtering design for water usage can be argued as a portable filter. Everybody wants to drink clean and safe drinkable water, but sometimes it is hard to get as even tap water can contain certain types of contamination. This design can filter out small contamination and makes the water drinkable and healthy.

Multi-Function Water Bottles

Today, people want more and more from the same production companies who eventually are happy to address their demands. In this era of multi-tasking needs, people also want their water bottles to be multi-functional. It is a weird idea but a nice business tactic as many companies are fusing day-to-day needs like a torch, storage, etc. Into their products.

Foldable Water Bottles

To reduce the strain of traveling with huge baggage, companies came up with the idea of Fold-able water bottles, some can even fit in your pocket. It somehow makes it more convenient to travel with.

With certain kinds of upgrades, your product can be booming in the market.

Health Drink Water Bottles

A new approach to something that has been called a healthy revolution of water bottles. A company like BLK came up with a design that can change the properties of water, making it high pH level, zero carbs, and calories. Different and amazing idea, isn’t it?

Crystal Studded Water Bottles

Now comes the design which surely will take away the eyes of many consumers. As the design of water bottles is a dominating factor in this industry, this design is luxurious and posh which can target a certain group of people in the market who demand luxury in their daily life.

Fruit Infusing Water Bottles

These bottles are designed the same as the filtering water bottles. The only difference it makes is that, instead of filtering out water, you can infuse different fruit flavors or solid fruits in it. It can promote a healthy lifestyle as well as a curious approach towards the fitness-loving groups in society.


As water is an essential part of our daily lives, offering the best quality water bottles with eye-catching designs and innovative features will make your product stand out from the others in the market. Endorsing your brand with nature will certainly boost your presence in the market and spread awareness among the people.

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