Ufone Call Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Calls make more grounded connections, cultivate clear correspondence, with your friends and family. Irritable, with no call bundle or offer, you would be lost all your SIM balance in only one business call. On the off chance that you are looking for the best call offer, at that point Ufone Call Packages will go you to your very safe place.

Ufone Call Packages

Let’s start! Ufone bundles are affordable and efficient in every user’s eye. Ufone gives a variety of call bundles to its prepaid clients. It gives every day, week by week, and month to month call pack to its prepaid clients as it were. Right off the bat, we will examine prepaid Ufone call bundles in detail.

Ufone Daily Call Packages

With Ufone Daily Pakistan offer, Users can get 100 Mins and can settle on decisions from Ufone to PTCL, Vfone, and Ufone networks. Moreover, with this pack, you likewise can get 10MB volume for the web. The offer can be subscribed in with a straightforward code *888# for just Rs. 18(incl. Tax).

Network Package Price (Inc. Tax) Ufone Mins Duration Activation
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone 3 pe 3 Package Rs. 06/- 120 01 Day *343#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone 24 Ghanaty Package Rs. 8.99/- 86400 01 Day *5700#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Beyhissab Offer Rs. 14.45/- Unlimited 01 Day *5700#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer Rs. 18/- 100 + 10 MBs Internet 01 Day *888#

On the off chance that you need countless free minutes for a day, at that point you ought to be bought in Ufone Beyhisab Offer, which offers limitless Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone minutes for a day only for rupees 14.45.

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

Normally, every media transmission in Pakistan gives a ton of varieties in their Weekly Packages. In any case, Ufone gives only 3 sorts of the week by week Ufone packages, which are moderate and fulfill their client’s requirements also.

Ufone Pakistan Weekly Offer offers its subscribers 700 Ufone to Ufone minutes and 100 MBs quickest 3G Internet for seven days only for rupees of 100. The bundle can be activated by dialing *8888#.

Network Package Price Ufone Mins SMS MBs Duration Activation
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer Rs. 100/- 700 100 07 Days *8888#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer Rs. 120/- 100 100 1000 07 Days *5050#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Super Minutes Rs. 130/- 100 07 Days *210#

Ufone brings an astonishing call bundle “Ufone Super Minutes” by which its subscribers can settle on decisions to any network. Ufone gives 100 minutes(which can be used to make calls to any network) in return for rupees 130. You can utilize these minutes within seven days.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages

In a month to month bundles, Ufone has a surprising pack “Ufone Super Card Plus”, and the greater part of the client adores this group and the quantity of buying in of the pack is in enormous sum. Ufone Super Card Plus offers Unlimited Ufone to Ufone (On-Net), PTCL and Vfone Minutes, 2000 lighting speed 3G web, 4200 SMS for all networks, and 180 local networks minutes. The offer subscription code is *250#. You can be bought into this offer whenever for only Rs. 599/-.

Network Package Price Mins SMS MBs Duration Activation
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone SIM Lagao Offer Rs. 0/- 6000 Ufone Mins 6000 6000 30 Days *5000#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package Rs. 418/- 4000 On-Net Mins 400 01 Month *8888#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Super Card Plus – 599 Rs. 599/- Unlimited Ufone Mins +
180 Off-Net
4200 2000 30 Days *250#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Super Card Gold Rs. 999/- Unlimited Ufone Mins +
300 Off-Net
Unlimited 5000 Whole Month *900#

Besides, Ufone Super Card Gold gives Unlimited Minutes, SMS, snappiest 5000 MB 3G web, and 300 extra all networks minutes for just rupees 999 for a month. You can buy into this offer by dialing *900#.

Other Ufone packages

Prior we have seen effectively Daily, week after week, and month to month Ufone Packages. In any case, presently investigate different packs like Hourly Call offer and new sim offer.

Network Package Price Mins SMS MBs Duration Activation
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Nayi SIM Offer Rs. 50/- 500 Ufone Mins 500 1000 Terms & Conditions *1000#
Ufone (Tum Hi to Ho) Ufone Best Call Offer Rs. 06/- Unlimited On-Net Mins 400 02 Hours *343#

Lastly! Subsequent to purchasing another Ufone SIM or changing your current number over to a Ufone service at that point dial *1000# and get free WhatsApp for 3 Months. What’s more, on each recharge of at least 50 during the 3 months get 1GB Internet, 1GB extra for Facebook, 500 U-U, PTCL, and Vfone minutes, and 500 SMS for all networks. The bundle charges are 50.

Ufone Hourly call bundle gives limitless On-Net minutes and also 400 MB’s quickest 3G web. The offer would be terminated following two hours of subscription. You have to deal with a code *343# for subscribing.

Another Hourly call offer which is Ufone 3 pe 3 Package, gives you 120 U-U, PTCL, and VFone minutes for the following two hours in the wake of buying into the offer. The Bundle actuation code is *343#. The existing offer would not be accessible from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Ufone Call Packages

Best Bundle:

After describing all the bundle, we have picked out some best bundle here is the list below:

1- Ufone Monthly Pakistan Bundle

Firstly! the question is that why we picked a Monthly bundle? The reason is that Ufone Monthly Pakistan Bundle offers 4000 On-Net minutes and additionally 400 MB volume for 3G internet for just rupees 418 (including Tax) for 30 calendar days. The subscription code is *8888#.

Ufone also allows multiple bundle subscription upon monthly call packages.


Terms & Conditions:

  • These offers are just for Prepaid clients.
  • The cost of each offer is comprehensive of all PTA charges.
  • Your SIM is your identity, So just use SIMs gave through Biometric check.
  • Reasonable utilization information charges will be applied to each call. On the off chance that you have not bought in to any package.

General Terms & Conditions: Click Here


Eventually, we can say that we have covered all Ufone call bundles for prepaid clients. Ufone gives an assortment of call bundles on every day, week by week, and month to month premise. In summing up, we have discovered the “Ufone Monthly Pakistan offer” which we think about great in giving enormous On-net minutes. Presently it’s dependent upon you to select the best pack as indicated by your necessities.

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