What to Actually Look Out for When You Buy Eyewear for Men

Eyewear is an essential part of protection when it comes to suiting a wide range of functions. Aside from the aesthetic purpose, a pair of sunglasses can also help provide a protective covering against the sun’s radiating heat.

What’s most confusing when planning to buy sunglasses for men is that there are hundreds and thousands of variations to choose from. Each differently unique glasses are tailored to fit a specific purpose. That is why sifting through the hundreds of eyewear brands can be a daunting task for some people.

Luckily, there is a recommended way of assessing the quality of eyewear for men. Here are some of them:

Assess for the level of UV protection that it offers

 Most men like to go outdoors and spend time under the heat of the sun. For this reason, it is actually important to buy quality sunglasses that can fend off potentially harmful UV rays. If you are considering buying some, you might want to consider these things:

High-quality sunglasses for men should block 99% of the UV rays to ensure that there are no harmful heat waves that can penetrate through the layers of the eyes and cause extensive damage.

  • Look for a sunglass that has a UV absorption of 400nm.
  • Check for the brand and the specified UV protection.
  • Always go for a sunglass with a bigger frame.

One of the initial things you might want to look out for when planning to buy a pair of sunglasses is always looking for the frame size. Ideally, the bigger framed sunglasses will reflect more UV rays than those with a small diameter.

For better coverage, you must check out those eyewear brands known to manufacture high-quality pairs with wrap-around orientation to ensure that you get your eyes fully covered when you are planning to stay for long hours doing some outdoor activities.

Check for the lenses

You can read this eyewear lenses guide for more information about this. Another crucial thing that you should always look out for is to check for the quality of lenses whenever you are planning to buy one. Sunglasses with well-tinted shade can offer more protection by fending off incoming UV rays. Moreover, the curvature is an important indicator if a glass is made out of a substandard lens. When you see a curvature of edges, then you might want to reconsider buying it. Finally, always consult your eyewear professional so that you can get the best deals out of your money’s worth.

Colour of the lens

Lens colour can invariably influence the visual contrast and indicate how well the glass can fend off UV rays. Ideally, it is recommended to buy a high contrast lens to always do more activities without necessarily worrying about the compromise of the quality and protection.

Ask about the mirror coating of the sunglass

The mirror coating of the glass can give you a good glimpse of the layers and the materials, which can help deter the reflection of UV rays. Interestingly, a pair of sunglasses with a good quality mirror coating can minimise the amount of light refracted to the frame, which also helps reduce the possibility of skin damage surrounding the eyes. Hence, it is important to consider looking for this factor when planning to buy eyewear.

Selecting the right eyewear such as lead glasses entails that you need to consider what to look out for, particularly noting the quality of the lens, mirror coating, and level of UV protection. You can also seek a professional opinion and consult with an eyewear specialist if you are not familiar with spotting these things.

Author: Alison Lurie

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