Best restaurants in Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is the best choice if you want an isolated and quiet beach vacation. It is a hidden paradise where you can spend quality time alone or with your partner. There are various things to do in Dauphin Island like you can swim in the cool water, relax in the same or enjoy some delicious seaside meals.

Top restaurants in Dauphin Island

If you visit Dauphin Island and leave without trying the mouth-watering seafood, you have missed a lot. Locally harvested seafood is the best thing you can enjoy on the island, with other delicious options like pastries, sandwiches, and coffee. Here we have some top locations you can visit on Dauphin Island.

1- BGH Café

Located near the ferry Boat, it is a takeout restaurant. With an amazing option of wraps, paninis, and Po-Boys, you will surely find items on the menu you will enjoy eating. They also offer malts and soft serve ice creams, which provide an extra kick to your meal. You can also offer drinks like lattes, espresso coffee, and cappuccinos.

2- Captain Snapper’s

It will be your go-to location while you are on Dauphin Island. The huge aqua building near the bridge is the biggest attraction apart from its top-quality food items. Some of the best meals you can enjoy are.

  • Half shell fresh oyster
  • Crab legs
  • Burgers
  • Chicken
  • Po-Boys
  • Laginappe is a house special on various dishes

The comfortable interior and amazing customer service will surely make you come back for some delicious meals.

3- Circle K

If you want to enjoy some delicious drinks and beverages on Dauphin Island, Circle K will be the best choice. They have an amazing menu that consists of the following specialized drinks.

  • Warming up drinks
  • Satisfying drinks
  • Cooling down drinks
  • Energizing drinks
  • Plain drinks to quench thirst.

Besides drinks, they also offer delicious meals you can enjoy with family or friends. At Circle K, you can easily find everything you need.

4- Dinner’s Ready

Dauphin Island’s best restaurant for cuisines is Dinner’s Ready. Here you can enjoy various delicious meals which are homemade. While away from home, you can have home-cooked meals that will surely make your day if you miss home.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you are craving, you will surely find it on Dauphin Island. Make a list of everything you would love to eat on the island before you leave because there are endless options that you will surely enjoy.

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