How to Know if Your Child Needs Therapy

How to Know if Your Child Needs Therapy

Life can be extremely hard. It can be hard for children, adolescents, and adults, no one is safe from the inevitable hut and hardships that happen as we go throughout our lives. Children are not able to communicate their emotions in the same way that adults are, so when they are going through a hard time, they will communicate that they need help in different ways. As a parent, it is important that you have the ability to recognize these cries for help that children may be giving when they are going through a difficult time. Children’s therapy St. George wants to help your child navigate through these difficult times and will really get to know and understand what your child is going through. In this article, we are going to discuss three different signs that your child may be giving you that they are going through a hard time and may need some additional support. 

Social Isolation

If your child was once a social butterfly and was always wanting to be around playing with the other children, but then starts to isolate themselves, this may be a sign that there is something that is going on. There may be a serious problem if they are no longer interested in being around other people including their friends or family. Apparent signs that children may be socially isolating includes having no desire to play with their friends anymore, eating lunch all by themselves, or even not wanting to spend time with their family. If you child has been socially isolating, you may want to seek additional help from a therapist so that they can get the help they need

Defiant Behaviors

Because children do not know or understand their emotions, it is often extremely difficult to manage it when they do not know what feelings they are experiencing. One of the ways in which they are able to show that they are struggling through difficult emotions is by acting defiant. Some of these behaviors include becoming more argumentative, not listening to counsel, being more defensive, or complaining more than they usually would have. Sometimes, a child may show these behaviors in the home, while other times, they may not show these behaviors at home, but just at school. It is important to keep in touch with their schoolteachers so that you can be in the loop of how your kids are actually doing.


When there is a big event in the life of a child, it is common for them to show signs of regression. These signs can include bedwetting after being potty-trained, tantrums, clinginess, and anxiety. Some of the events that may cause these behaviors include the birth of a new sibling, a divorce, or any other big life changing event. If these regressions happen after a big life event, that is normal, however if they are occurring out of the blue, that is a serious indicator that your child may need therapy.


Life is hard for children. Because they do not know how to manage their emotions, it can be difficult to know if a child is struggling. It is important to know what these signs are so that you can get your child the help that they need. Good luck!

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