How to Make Your Airbnb a Year-Round Attraction

Would you like to turn your part-time Airbnb income into year-round, full-time profits? Renting out your property through Airbnb seasonally can provide a fantastic supplemental income. But bringing in guests only half of the year is limiting. 

In this article, we offer five tips to help you make your Airbnb an attraction all year long. From ensuring comfortable indoor temps to pricing your rental competitively, these ideas can boost profits whatever the season.

1. Ensure Comfortable Temps All Year

One of the top reasons you may have trouble bringing guests into your Airbnb at certain times of the year is due to the weather. Let’s face it. When your Airbnb is in Palm Springs, you’re likely catering to winter travelers. And if your Airbnb is located in a cooler climate, you’re appealing to summer vacationers.

In order to bring guests in year-round, make it easy for them to stay comfortable in your Airbnb with sufficient heating/cooling systems. For example, you can install a heating ac unit or a combined mini-split system to upgrade your property’s comfort level easily. A mini-split offers a simple method for retrofitting an HVAC system into a home because it requires no expensive, bulky ductwork. 

With these systems, your guests can stay warm in winter and cool as a cucumber in summer. It’s a surefire way to make sure your Airbnb is attractive at all times of the year.

2. Add Property Amenities

Proper heating and cooling systems are vital, but there are other amenities you can offer to lure year-round visitors as well. For example, if winter weather is hurting your bookings, you could add electric fireplaces to your Airbnb to make it cozier. Set up a beverage bar with a coffee maker, tea kettle, and an assortment of teas and cocoa mixes. Potential guests will be able to picture themselves relaxing by the fire, warming drink in hand.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling during summer, install a deck or spruce up the patio areas you already have. If you have the space and the ambition, an aboveground swimming pool could sweeten the deal for vacationers. Make sure to update your listing to highlight any added amenities like these.

3. Update Your Listing Seasonally

Now that you have seasonal amenities to tout, update your listing accordingly. If your Airbnb listing is filled exclusively with beautiful spring photos, chances are you won’t attract the winter travelers you seek. On the flip side, images of a snow-laden property may deter summer vacationers. To combat this phenomenon, make sure to update your Airbnb listing as the seasons change.

In addition to changing photos with the seasons, also modify your property description. During summer, emphasize amenities such as the AC, deck, and nearby summer attractions like beaches and amusement parks. Conversely, when cooler weather hits, change your listing to highlight your Airbnb’s fireplace, snowy views, and proximity to ski resorts. Making these seasonal changes will help potential visitors picture themselves at your property and encourage them to click the “Reserve” button. 

4. Price Your Rental Competitively 

When pricing your Airbnb, make sure your rates are competitive and change with demand. Perhaps your property is often booked solid through summer, but reservations wane during winter. In this case, lower your winter rates — without going below a profitable margin — to attract guests in the slow months. In addition, research the rates of other rental properties in your area. You’ll need to compete not only with other Airbnbs and VRBOs, but also with local hotels/motels and resorts.

Still having trouble booking guests for your property during off-peak travel times? One of the best ways to increase reservations during your off-season is to promote your Airbnb with special deals. For example, if business is sluggish in the early weeks of December, consider offering a “Pre-Christmas Special.” Or for an Airbnb that gets slow during summer, you might offer 25% off for the 4th of July.

When offering these deals, be sure not to bury them in the listing. Update your title and photos to catch the eye of deal hunters.

5. Create Seasonal Guides for Guests

Once you’ve gotten guests through your door, providing a seasonal guide is a great approach to making your Airbnb a year-round attraction. This guide will help guests experience all that your area has to offer, which will encourage repeat visits and referrals. You can either print a book for guests to use at your Airbnb or provide a digital copy.

Of course your welcome book should provide essential information like how to use appliances, where to park, and whom to contact in an emergency. But the most important element for boosting your reservations is offering key information about how to enjoy their stay during different seasons.

For example, you might include hiking trails and outdoor fun-in-the-sun activity ideas for your summer guide. Guests will also appreciate knowing the best options for al fresco dining in the area. Your winter section, on the other hand, can list local ski or snowmobile rental businesses and indoor experiences around town. You can also offer travel tips for various times of the year to help visitors get around easily, regardless of the weather.

Turning Your Airbnb Into a Year-Round Success

By transforming your summer villa or winter chalet into a 12-months-a-year attraction, your profits can skyrocket. Whether you need to install a better HVAC system or update your listing seasonally, these crucial updates can help. By implementing these strategies, you can make your Airbnb one that guests will flock to all year long.

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